What We Accept

You may feel your item may be of interest to buyers but is not covered by these guidelines. If so, please feel free to contact us.

Please understand that we must be very particular about the condition of the items we can accept. Also, our experience has taught us that there are items we just cannot sell.

Morans Furniture Stores accepts living room, kitchen and bedroom furnishings that are:

  • In “like new” condition with minimal wear and tear
  • From a smoke-free home
  • Typically less than 10 years of age.
  • Of good quality construction
  • Of a style that would be of interest to a large number of buyers.

We will occasionally make exceptions to the age requirement if :

  • The items are in “like new” condition
  • We believe there is a demand for the particular style.

The No 1 Tip for Selling Your Items Is To Ask Yourself This Question: “Would I Purchase This Item?”

Case Goods (Tables, bookcases, bedroom furniture, etc.)

  • The finish must be well maintained with no marks or stains and no (or very minor) scratches.
  • Glass & mirrors must be free of scratches and chips.


Upholstered Furniture (Sofas, fireside chairs, recliners, etc.)

  • When sitting down, the cushion and springs must be firm and supportive.
  • Upholstery must be clean and odour free. No stains. No faded or sun-bleached areas. No pet hair. No tears.
  • Mechanical movements in recliners must operate smoothly.


Antiques & Vintage Items

  • We are interested in receiving antique, vintage and unusual items.
  • We will consider antique furniture which has been well maintained or recently restored. We may also accept antique reproductions.
  • Please ensure that antique items are completely free of woodworm.


Items Suitable for Up-Cycling, Restoration and Re-upholstering

Second hand furniture, particularly an older, antique or vintage piece in poor condition may appeal to buyers if it can be restored to its original condition.

In some cases we are willing to accept pieces that can be up-cycled, repainted or re-upholstered.

Items that require significant refurbishment will be priced lower than our average resale prices to reflect the current condition of the piece and the additional restoration cost required.


What We Cannot Accept

  • Glass top dining tables
  • Telephone seats
  • TV units designed for older picture tube-style TVs


Helpful Tips for Sellers

These tips will ensure that your items sell fast and you make the most money as possible.

Take some time to prepare your items to be displayed in our showroom. The cleaner and newer looking the item, the more desirable it will be to a potential buyer – the better it looks, the better it sells!

  • Touch up a wood piece with touch-up stain or paint. It can make a big difference to its appearance.
  • Vacuum upholstered items. Remove each cushion and vacuum underneath and in the crevices.

Remember: The Better It Looks, The Better It Sells!