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You have read our acceptance requirements and you feel your furniture is suitable for us to sell.

The next step is to provide us with some photos for assessment. You can:

  • Use the online form below to send photos and details
  • E-mail digital photos with your contact details & location to info@moransfurniture.ie
  • Bring photos into us on your camera or phone
  • Send us photos by post or bring them to our shop

It is important that the photos reflect the exact condition of the item. Any marks, tears, or damage of any sort should be clear to see.

Consignment Form

Use this form to send photos & details of the item(s) you would like us to sell for you. Please include 1 to 3 photos for each item.

Contact Information
Item Details

Please provide the following information for each piece that you would like to sell with us.

  • – Type of Item
  • – Age (in years)
  • – Any Condition Issues (Marks, tears or damage of any sort no matter how small)
For example: sofa, hall table, bed...
In years
Upload photos of your item

Images must be less than 1MB and must be either a png, jpg, or gif.
At least one image is required.