5 Reasons Why You Should Sell With Us

1. We offer all the benefits of a retail store

  • A spacious showroom located in the centre of Ballina with high volumes of passing traffic and pedestrians.
  • Huge exposure in our showroom and online puts your furniture in front of a much wider audience than if you were to sell privately from your own home.


2. Peace of mind

  • You are safe, secure and completely anonymous. You don’t need to open up your home to complete strangers.


3. We open regular business hours

  • Selling privately often means arranging appointments in your home at times that don’t suit you or the buyer. At Morans Furniture Stores buyers can view your furniture at a time that suits them.


4. We do all the hard work for you

  • Advertising & marketing, taking calls and dealing with the public.
  • You don’t have to answer phone calls, reply to e-mails or negotiate prices.
  • We tastefully display your furniture for sale in our store & take professional-quality photographs for viewing online.


5. We store your furniture for you in our showroom until it sells

  • You can replace your furniture immediately instead of having to wait until the old item sells.