Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is consignment?

‘Consignment’ simply means, ‘we sell it for you’.

This means that the seller (the consignor) leaves an item with Morans Furniture Stores (the consignee) for an agreed period of time for us to sell on their behalf. Once the items sells, the consignor receives a percentage of the sale.

2. What type of furniture do you accept on consignment?

Please read our detailed acceptance requirements.

3. Do you collect items that have been pre-approved?

If you live within a radius of 10km from Ballina we can collect your pre-approved items. (In some cases we will collect items more than 10km from Ballina. These sellers will receive 40% of the final selling price).

4. How much will I receive from the sale?

The consignor (seller) will receive 50% of the final selling price of the item. (In some cases we will collect items more than 10km from Ballina. These sellers will receive 40% of the final selling price).

5. When will I be paid for the items that have sold?

When an item sells we put aside the money owed to the owner. We are unable to contact each owner when their item sells. Contact us any time to check if your item(s) have sold. If they have, we will arrange payment to you.

6. My items have been pre-approved. Do I need to make an appointment to bring them in?

You may bring your items in any day during normal business hours (Mon – Tues 10-6, closed for lunch 1-2). Please contact us in advance, particularly if you have very large items or a number of pieces.

7. How is the selling price decided?

The price is decided based on the item’s condition, quality of construction, style, original purchase price and market demand for it.

8. Can I price my own merchandise?

You may recommend a price for us to consider. However, we cannot accept consignments if we feel the item(s) won’t sell because the price is too high. Most consignors are very pleased with our pricing recommendations as they provide a fair return and a reasonably quick sale.

9. Can I put a minimum sales price on my items?

All consigned items are subject to our price discounting policy. This means that if your item has not sold within the first 30 days we will reduce the selling price by 5% to 10%. Every 30 days thereafter the price will be reduced by an additional 5% to 10% until the item is sold (up to a maximum of 180 days).

10. I only have small items to consign. Do I need to take photos of these too?

In many cases it may be easier to bring the items in to us. Please phone first to let us know the type of items you have in mind to ensure they are suitable for consignment.

11. How long is the consignment period?

The consignment period is 180 days (6 months).

12. What if my items haven’t sold by the end of the consignment period?

There are a number of options open to you:

  1. We can “clearance” price your item by reducing the last price on the tag by up to 50%.
  2. You can collect your item.
  3. We can donate the item (if suitable) to charity on your behalf.

13. Can you clean, repair, or refinish my consignment items?

We do not clean or repair items. Everything is sold in an “as is” condition.

It is in your interest to enhance the overall look of your items before you bring them in to be consigned as all items are priced to reflect the item’s condition.

14. Do you buy items outright?

No. We only accept items for sale on consignment.

15. Do you only accept items of furniture for sale?

If the item you are interested in consigning is not covered in our acceptance criteria but you feel it may be suitable for consignment in our shop, feel free to contact us about it.

16. I have an item of furniture. It’s not in great condition but I think it would appeal to a particular type of buyer.

We recognise that a piece of furniture, particularly an older, antique or vintage piece can appeal to buyers regardless of its condition particularly if it can be up cycled, re upholstered etc. In some cases we are willing to accept pieces that need some work to restore them to their original condition. Examples of this type of work could be applying a new finish to a table and new upholstery to a sofa or armchair. Items that require significant refurbishment will be priced lower than our average resale prices to reflect the current condition of the piece and the additional restoration cost required.

Frequently Asked BUYING Questions:

17. I am looking for something specific. Can you contact me if something suitable arrives in?

Yes. Just tell us what you have in mind, leave your contact details with us and we will do our best to find what you are looking for.

18. Does your price-discounting policy apply to all your furniture?

Brand new items and some of our antique items are not subject to price discounting.

19. Do you sell items of furniture suitable for upcycling and re-upholstering?